Chicken Ginger Recipe in Urdu by Chef Zakir

This recipe by chef zakir in Urdu is based upon his version of this popular dish, chicken ginger.  Ginger, garlic, yogurt and various traditional Pakistani spices are used in this dish. We are also offering recipes in Urdu by chef Rahat on our website.

Adrak aur chicken by zakir

We have to save Urdu recipes in form of images. If you can not see the image below then click on it to see the more clear version.

chicken ginger recipe in Urdu by Chef Zakir

  1. i love ur recipe na di want to know more recipes cuz i loveto eat and make food
  2. nice recipie i love chiken ginger
  3. I love u r recipe you make yummy recipe
  4. Mannn !!!! you did nt add chicken back … 😛
  5. please complete and repost

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