Hot and Sour Soup Recipe in Urdu by Chef Zakir

Hot and sour soup is a very nutritious food and specially liked in winters. This gama garam khatta soup recipe by chef zakir is a desi variation of this Chinese recipe. You can find a bowl of soup in around 100rs on streets of Pakistan but you can make servings for whole family easily at your home. You can also add mushrooms and bamboo shoots in the recipe provided below.

hot and sour soup bowl

This is the recipe of soup in Urdu language. Click on it if you can not read it properly. You can also save it to your computer by right clicking and saving the image.

hot and sour soup recipe in Urdu by Chef Zakir

  1. this sooup is fully amazing
  2. i try this soup it’z really awsme… thank u soo much , and please remember in our prayers, ..humre shdi hoona wlaie hai, huma kuch nh ata hai, mom learn karrahe hai , or hum app ki recipies sa BISMILAAHA kya ..please apni duwa ma huma khaas duwa karna ..okay ..take care , ALLAH HAFIZ … Once again this soup is really awsome , love it , GOD BLESS U :)
  3. how can i make this soup ❗ ❓ the recipe is incomplete :roll: 😳 👿 plz first complete it than move it to your side plzzzzz :mrgreen:
  4. 😯 this soup is outragous 😈 👿

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